DispLay Broken

My laptop seems to have a broken display or display connector. Is there any fix for this or do I need to contact support/replace the display.

Looks pretty obviously broken at the bottom where those lines start. How did you crack it? Did you accidentally close the screen on a screw or something? In any case, I would just contact support to see your options.
Is the bezel cracked at the top left? Looks like it took some pretty heavy trauma to crack the plastic bezel as well.

Hard to tell from these pictures but it looks like you are having this issue due to some damage on the display module. Can you see any damage when you remove the bezel, which is also cracked apparently?

If it has physical damage, your warranty won’t cover it, but you can order a display from the marketplace and replace the module.

Hi what do I do about my display im waiting already a few days for support to respond
what do I do

Hey John, I see that you wrote to us on Friday and now it’s Monday. Please give us some time and do not create new cases meanwhile, it will not expedite the progress. Thanks for your patience.

how long does it take to get a RMA for returns

this is how a display looks like with a non functioning DIY laptop