Is there a way to troubleshoot this hardware problem?

Hey everyone. My day isn’t going so well ad I woke up to that.

I think I was watching Kaguya-sama and fell asleep and dropped the laptop on the ground but I’m entirely sure what caused it.

I went through the typical hardware check list to see what is wrong.

But hey, this is framework. This is exactly the reason why I bought this laptop.

I am 99% this is a display problem. Not a cable or motherboard problem. But is there a way to confirm this better?

The only notable detail is that there are flickering lines in the Black part of the LCD. They flicker depending on the angle of the laptop display.

Any help with this would be great. Thanks.

So what did you check so as not to go over the same issues, you don’t even say if you powered off completley, without Windows > Fast start, which isn’t a Fresh Start. That only comes by a Restart if you haven’t disabled Fast Start

So with the hardware check I supoose you disconnected and reconnected the screen etc. ? Reset the RAM > . . . If you have two RAMs > use only one . .

Things I did were.

Restart. Same issue

Replug display connector. Same issue

Reconnect system memory and storage. Same issue

Use external display with HDMI port. External display works.

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If you’ve already unplugged and re-plugged the internal display cable (on both ends; mainboard end, and display panel end)…then you likely have a damaged display panel. I’m assuming you’ve also tried getting into the BIOS screen…and still ended up with only 50% of the screen lit up.

The lid is really flimsy on gen 1 / non-CNC lid. So dropping the laptop resulting in a damaged display panel is not out of the norm given the low rigidity of the lid to act as a protective layer.

Time to get a new panel and a CNC lid as well.



Have you ? :slight_smile:

Even with that info I wouldn’t know what to expect, but just having a milled solid implies a rigidty over a pressed and bent sheet.

Yes indeed.

Display is broken starting from the boot menu logo

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Hi Paul, based on those symptoms, it looks like the drop impact physically broke the display. You can pick up a replacement display in the Marketplace here: Framework | Display Kit and follow these instructions to replace it: Display Replacement Guide - Framework Guides

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Wonderfull you can change it .
Also I hope next version lide will bring more durability in the respect . Even if you put it under a truck it might stil break :smiley:
Here is what I get on a cheap priced Thinkpad E590 when e-skating with it in my back pack…and landing on my back pack ! This lid is made of metal, the chassi is plastic.
My laptop really helped in the shock. Usually with older plastic toshiba I had doing the same fall (on a bycicle) on the chasis resisted.
Here onthe E590 I have the plastic chasi broken… BUT everything is working like a charme for 1 year now on this 4 years old laptop.
I never had a laptop for more than 3 years still usable. Had hinges broken, mouse pad broken. With no real way to repaire them. With thinkpad I think it may last 2 more years.
I am expecting my new Framework to get in the range of 4 years without repaire…and to keep it 10 years like a mac or thinkpad.
Only a littel bump on the metalic screen :

The chasis is broken but everything is working gret :

I took my ThinkPad x200 on multiple bike (as in bicycle) touring trips, bumping it in panniers 6 hours+ each day over thousands of KMs over the years. No issues and still in service. Though I have yet to fall and land on it.