Display Errors Randomly

Hi all,

I recently purchased two of the 12th gen diy editions and got them all setup with Windows 11. They have been working fine except about a week after setup one started having some odd display/graphics anomalies. First, it will flash a bunch of colors for a split second (just color nothing else like what I was previously looking at or anything) and second, it will flicker off and on. These both happen randomly and don’t happen in any specific order just kind of haphazardly.

I have disconnected and reconnect the display connector to see if it was seated wrong and deleted and reinstalled the drivers. Please let me know if anyone has dealt with anything similar! I am still unsure as to whether this is hardware or software based.

Thank you!

Looks like a panel self refresh (PSR) issue. On Linux it can be mitigated by disabling PSR. Don’t sure if it’s possible on Windows.