Display Port Issue - Signal Cuts out

I currently have a problem connecting my external monitor to the DIY edition via the display port expansion card.

The monitor will occasionally go black and then come back. However sometimes when it comes back there is colour shifting on any videos that I play, not only youtube videos.

Can you share what OS you are using?

Right, details:
OS: Windows 11 - 21H2 on i5-1135G7
Monitor: Samsung CRG9 @ 100hz

I’ve been noticing that the wallpaper glitches every so often when I’m watching videos on Youtube. Actually, most of the problems seem to occur when I’m watching browser-based videos.

It’s like every day it’s doing something weird. This time the entire chrome window cut out while I was watching a youtube video. When the picture came back the video was scrolling across the screen from right to left, even when I paused it.

For what it’s worth, I once had a faulty DP cable that caused most of the issues you mentioned above. Maybe try testing with a different brand of cable just to elminate this as a possibility?

Oh right, it’s not the DP cable. The monitor and cable used to work fine on the desktop with the RTX 580.

EDIT: Also, I don’t know if it’s related but the attached USB storage device tends to just disconnect for no reason. This was something that was also working just fine on the desktop.

Regarding that attached USB storage device. Yesterday one of the partitions on one of the drives become corrupt and all was lost :frowning: I have reconfigured the port arrangement to power and display port on the right side, with usb connectivity on the left. Still having problems with the laptop not recognizing that there is a display attached. Tried rebooting but it froze during shutdown and I had to hold down the power button to turn it off.

So far, not doing well.

Had my first cut out for the day, and now my cursor looks funny.

Fixed by turning my external monitor off and on again.

This is an example of the ghosting effect I sometimes get but it only happens in videos, and only in the browser.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

@Shawn_Lewis given the rest of the screen is ok, seems like some chrome/driver bug.
I would see if updating your graphics driver to the latest resolves the issue. You can get the latest from:

Alright, updated to the latest. Now we shall see.

Thus far I’ve only had 1 case where the browser blacked out came back, but there were no picture issues. Also, the signal is hasn’t dropped out in well over 24 hours! The updated graphics drivers might be working!

Since the driver update the browser (Chrome) blacks out and comes back. I’m considering this issue resolved. Yahoo!