Display resolution and technology upgrades

The display resolution is identical to my Surface Laptop 2’s display. Compared to my Surface Book 2 15" display though, where I have been pampered with 260 PPI and a near-4K display, it feels pixelated. Touch support is also quite a luxury that is hard to go without once you get used to it. Interactions feel more natural with your computer, even if you’re just scrolling through the news on a lazy afternoon. Even my full-sized computer monitors have it. Additionally, I’m wondering if OLED technology will become affordable in a laptop monitor soon. I would be interested in upgrading to such a screen. Will it be possible to upgrade the display panel to a higher-resolution, OLED, or touch-supporting display in the future? I’m concerned that the display connector might not support better displays, which is relatively common in the consumer electronics world, and I’ll be stuck with the display I’ll get.


Seeing as the Galaxy Book Pro has an OLED display at around the same price as the Framework laptop (Obviously they can eat some of the cost being that they are the manufacturer of the panels), I think the time where OLED becomes affordable for laptops will be coming pretty soon. Apparently the framework laptop’s screen is easy to replace for the context of repair, so I’m hoping there will eventually be options to replace the screen with higher refreshrate or OLED panels so the screen becomes a “module” as well.

I’ve had a Surface Book 2 and a Surface Laptop 3 (which has the same resolution as the Framework Laptop), and tbh the difference in resolution between the two is very difficult to notice at a 13.5in screen size unless you get up close and start pixel peeping. It’s absolutely not worth the trade off in battery life (The only reason the Surface book has decent battery life at that resolution is because it has two batteries). I just really wished there was a high refresh-rate OLED panel.

+1 in hoping the screen is modular. Guessing it isn’t considering how they list about every other component as swappable. If the screen was as well, they probably would say so.


There’s mention of this in https://community.frame.work/t/3-2-display-and-customizable-bezels/742:

So, it seems like it can be swapped pretty easily, though they may need to put effort into supporting other panels.


@Blakeanator the screen is swappable, you just need to remove 4 screws and unplug it. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s a slightly unusual form factor (16:9 being far more common) so finding a replacement might be a bit tricky. I’m also not entirely sure about the ribbon cable, but I’m going to assume that’s somewhat standardized.

Interesting. I would happily buy a 4K panel if someone at Framework could confirm the spec and connectors. Otherwise, may just have to wait to inspect the hardware myself when it ships.