DIY AMD Framework 13 won't post on initial setup

My DIY AMD Ryzen 7040 Framework 13 doesn’t seem to post and the display is blank after its first boot. The only signs that the laptop is powered on is the power button light being on and the LED next to the USB where the power cable is plugged in is showing a steady red color.

I’ve installed Crucial CT2K16G56C46S5 2 x 16GB DDR5-5600 memory and a BarraCuda 512GB SSD. I’ve tried swapping both memory sticks on each channel, as well as trying individual memory sticks in both channels to see if it was bad memory.

The SSD has an OS (Windows 10) installed on it from when it was used previously in another computer build. It has not be reformatted yet (I was expecting to reformat the SSD when I installed Windows 10 after first boot).

Any advice for troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

I would double check the RAM compatibility here. Although most 5600mhz sticks should work, I believe there are issues with Crucial and XMP. I had a kit of Crucial 5200mhz and though it should theoretically work fine, there is incompatibility with the XMP profile. I had to swap in a spare stick I had lying around and am waiting for that refund before grabbing a set of Kingston G.Skill 5600mhz.

It appears that RAM kit is used by a number of other posters here. I don’t believe the RAM is incompatible. I suppose it’s possible I have a bad stick but again, I tried every combination possible between the two sticks and two channels to rule out that possibility.

Have you any means of ruling out having two bad sticks? Small odds, I know, but it may be worth getting a single 8GB stick as a means of verifying without spending too much money, but I would work through the support process first.

Can you get into BIOS? Can you unplug the charger and see if you get a post code form the charging LED?

I can’t get into the BIOS. The display doesn’t appear to turn on at all. Other than the power button light coming on and the LED next to the USB ports being solid red, there are no other signs that the laptop is powered on.

Do you get any video out over HDMI or DisplayPort? If you remove the drive does the system POST (Power On Self Test)?