New DIY AMD 13 won't load bios

I just bought a framework 13 with AMD 7840u and followed the instructions to install a crucial ct2k16g56c4685 ddr5-5600 and a crucial t500 2TB in it. When I power it up, it sits for a while and then flashes a blue, 12 greens, an orange, and then one green, 2 blues, 3 greens, a blue, and a green. It looks like it passes all of the startup tests, and then reports bios code 0x46. I’ve since tried it with only one of the dimms (tested with each one by itself in both slots) and with the ssd removed, all with the same results. Very rarely, I’ve gotten one blue and seven greens after the orange (0x01).

Any suggestions about what else to try? Do I need to RMA the laptop, the memory, or both? I bought the latter from amazon, so I’m now worrying that it might be counterfeit.

My recommendation is to first try to get it to boot with 1 stick. After that works, install the second stick and see if it boots. Usually it works but if it doesn’t, there may be an issue with your RAM sticks/RAM slot(s).

Unfortunately, as I said above, I already tried each of the two sticks by itself in each slot, with the same behavior. So either both sticks are bad, both slots are bad, both, or the problem is something else. Does the code displayed (0x46 or 0x01) indicate anything particular? I thought the twelve green flashes meant that the dram had passed a test and should be good?

Assuming that the bios codes are the same as for the intel version, that would be for the super-io init. So maybe there is a problem with the keyboard or touchpad connection? The power switch obviously works. The connectors that were part of the kb assembly look to be fine to superficial visual inspection.

Only support would know what those codes are unfortunately. But yes, 12 green flashes does mean that the checks have been passed. In the case, you might need to do a mainboard reset and support will have the instructions.

Those are the post codes. That one seems to be this:
#define DXE_SIO_INIT 0x46 // Super I/O DXE initial
, but not sure what the next steps would be, other than reaching out to Support. Sorry that you are running into trouble, hopefully Support can help you to get it resolved quickly. Best of luck.

I put in the support request first, but given it was the middle of a weekend I hoped somebody here might have an answer faster. Oh well. Thanks all!