Windows 10 on 13th Gen FW 13"

I recently just ordered a 13" FW laptop with 13th gen intel and i was wondering if anyone attempted to use windows 10 on it? I’m just picky about my OS and don’t want to upgrade to 11, I just want to make sure that when downloading OS on it i dont run into any problems or if it is even compatible.

There have been threads showing people have tried.
Not officially compatible, and some drivers missing, I believe is the general result.


You can start it, but it doesn’t completely work and you might be unable to upgrade to Windows 11 (once you want to do that) as the TPM driver doesn’t right work in Windows 10.

I recommend using Windows 11 (or Linux).


You can try one of the common unofficial windows 10 builds such as Ghost Spectre ; which should work fine as they disable and include a heap of fixups not in the official installers (as well as scrubbing telemetry / MS SaaS hooks etc).

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