Docking Station Recomendations

I’m in need of a docking station, which ones one work properly with a Framework?

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I have been using OGeem tb4 16 and 1 dock for a month and very pleased with it.

Using dock with Framework in a stand that allows me to open it into a tent configuration for better cooling. 2 Samsung 24 in 1080 monitors using DPs. Must have active DP cable to work.

Using the multiple display settings I just disconnect the Frame screen and configuration stays loaded when I power up the Frame with dock powered.

Also the Frame wakes from sleep when I key my BT keyboard or move the mouse.

I have read that it may be possible to set Bios to power on framework when the dock is turned on. Have not had time to test that theory.

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In addition to the OGeeM compatibility it also has on/off button. I have seen comments that on/off is useless on a dock but I have to disagree. I keep my Framework in a stand in tent mode for better cooling. In that configuration the laptop power switch is difficult to access.
I went into bios and change setting to “turn on when ac power applied”. Now I never have to unplug the dock from the laptop or access to laptop power button.

At the end of the day I shutdown the laptop in Windows and power the dock off.

In the morning I power on the dock and the laptop boots up and opens up the beautiful 49” curved monitor I just purchased.

I don’t ever actually have to touch the Framework. This is pretty much how I used the T470s and dock I replaced.

Keep in mind a dock with no on/off switch has be be unplugged from the Framework every time you shutdown to avoid degrading the battery by constantly having it under charge.