Does it come in black?

Does it come in black?


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The bezel may have option colours but the case is aluminium alloy and not coloured, for that you may want to buy a skin


That’s pretty neat.

Dbrand are gonna have to clarify which Framework it’s for, soon!

Addendum: Clear case. Potentially pretty cool. Gives a front row seat of the dust gathering around the fans… but hey, that would at least motivate the owner to clean it out more often. Win win.

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If plastic given it’s lower value is less likely to be recycled, and metal is an earth material, more abundant, plastic is an organic chemistry product.

So until they use transparent aluminium then I’m fine.

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Bezel aside, the answer looks to be “no”. That said, if you’re in a DIY kind of mood, you could try removing the parts from the case and then getting some black spray paint and painting the aluminium pieces black. I’m sure that there are others who’ve done something like this with the case(s) on the FW13 but I’m too lazy to look for them right now.

That said, having a backlit Framework logo on the back of the computer would be an awesome project for someone to attempt. I wouldn’t mind having a cyan coloured backlit framework logo on my PC. Hopefully, it doesn’t kill the battery too quickly.

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Some 3rd party brands have already offered various skins you can stick to the 13". So with FW16 quickly selling through the preorder batches, such a company is going to look how many they sold on the 13", run the math, and decide whether this next one is worth making big form-fitting stickers for. I’ll be betting on “Yes”, so lets all stay tuned.

So the brilliant thing that Apple did with their glowing logo on laptops back in the day was it was simply translucent plastic lit by the already on backlight for the monitor! Tons of people back in the day changed the color too by applying a colored window film over it, so no impact to battery life!