Does the framework charger work on PS5 controllers?

For at least two generations of playstation controllers, Sony has made their controllers the most picky product I own. For example, my PS5 controller won’t charge off an Apple 61W charger, or off my CableMatters dock from the upstream usb type c port, but it will charge off the usb type c port on the front of the dock. Even swapping the cables to one that I know works (because I’ve used it to charge a controller off that 1 working usb type c port) doesn’t solve the issue. I don’t really know what the problem is, but the PS4 controller was exactly the same w.r.t. not charging on at least half of my chargers. So I was wondering if anyone out there has a framework charger and a ps5 controller and can confirm whether or not the two work together.

I would read up on the different USB power specifications. This article HERE should at least give you a basic look at how the charging specifications differ for USB devices. For Sony specifically I don’t know if it would work, you would think that it would, but I know with the PS3 you had to have a specific “Handshake” for the controller to charge so most USB chargers of the time did not work. You either had to plug them into the console or use a special Sony PS3 controller charging brick. For more normal USB power specs there are a lot of differences and they do matter. The biggest problem I have seen are cheap electronics that have a USB C port but a USB C charger will not charge or allow them to operate. In that case the USB C device did not support USB C Power Delivery. What that basically means is that the device could not tell the charger how much power it needed so the charger did not send any. This is not an issue with general USB Chargers that do not utilize the specific USB C PD specification. Since I dont have a PS5 I can tell you if it will or not, but my assumption is that if the PS5 Controller supports USB C Power Delivery it will charge, if not then it wont.
Hope that points you in the right direction.

I now own both a ps5 controller and the framework charger and can confirm that they do work together.

This is news to me, as I’ve owned a DS3 (Dual Shock 3, the designation for the PS3’s controller) for over a decade now, and I’ve yet to find something that WON’T charge it, even the lowly Kindle charger (5V, 0.85A) charges it quite nicely. I would expect, (and have more experience with) type-C controllers (the new Dual Sense, for the PS5, and Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller) being a bit finicky on some chargers.

It was my understanding that the PD spec still has a hot 5V even when nothing is connected, so that a dead client can connect, boot their PD chip, and then request appropriate voltage?

PS5 and PS4 (newer) controllers are probably fine. They have PD chips in them and should tolerate both lower and higher wattages than (dedicated) chargers supplied by Sony. (or acknowledged third parties)