Downgrade preorder?

I have a question… Sadly some life emergencies are happening, and I really wanted to get a framework laptop, but seems l like I won’t be able to get one this time around…

I was wondering if there is a way to downgrade the preorder to get another low-end model? Or would one have to reorder again and wait longer for the next batches? :frowning:

I originally preordered for the mid-tier DIY packet

Send a message the support @ framework email, they shouldbe able to help you.

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@Edward_Gray Thank you, I will reach out and see :frowning:

I’ve already done this exact same thing, removing some components from my order that I’ve been able to source elsewhere. They usually take about a day to get back to you, but they’ve done everything I’ve asked and have been great about it.

@gjason That is great to hear that they were able to accomodate you…

Sadly thjat was not the case for me… Just got back an email and they can’t downgrade the motherboard and assure same batch delivery, so sadly I won’t be able to join the Framework Laptop team with yall :cry:

I’ll stick and roam here and post things…

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Sorry to hear that. Just a note that we’re able to make adjustments to the modules on a pre-order, but adjusting the laptop model itself currently resets the batch since the previous batches are sold out.

Just to check, a ‘module’ includes any option we had at preorder except for processor choice? And is there an automated way to change our order while finalizing our purchase, or should we ask for modifications sooner rather than later to catch the very busy customer service folks between batch releases?

(the spare parts I had available for my diy edition have gradually changed as I retrofitted my old Thinkpad with Hackintosh-compatible components for a friend, and I don’t want to ask for yet another manual order change if I can at all avoid it)

That is correct. Anything but the CPU choice on DIY Edition or the laptop itself on the pre-built versions. It is definitely better to contact support sooner than later to make adjustments.

@nrp Thanks for the clarification… sadly for now I can’t support the product, but do hope the Framework Laptop succeeds >.<


@1111 I sure hope your personal crisis is short-lived and not too serious.

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