Changing Preorder?

Hi folks,
I’ve been thinking a lot about which new product I’m most excited about, and have decided to change my preorder from a laptop (DIY) to a just a new motherboard. In the first gen, there was a way to do this - can anyone from Framework (or the community) comment on the possibility of this now? Or, should I cancel/reorder?

Contact support!

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Already done - just wondered if anyone else had tried. If not, I’ll report back. :slight_smile:

OK, in case anyone else is in the same boat as me. I wanted to change my $100 preorder money from pointing at a new FW 13 to pointing at a new mobo. The process is that you must cancel your system preorder, and then order the mainboard separately through the marketplace. They can’t switch it and keep the single authorization/down payment.

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This is also the case if you have second thoughts about your CPU choice. They can’t move you from, say, a Ryzen 5 to a 7. You have to cancel and reorder since this is the defining feature.

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Good to know!