DRAM Compatablity with 13th Gen Intel

I’m trying to find an updated list of compatible DRAM. I found this article warning of compatibility issues with 11th gen Intel but nothing clear stated about 12th or 13th gen.

what memory dram parts are compatible with the framework laptop?

  • Is this list of compatible memory still accurate?
  • Is XMP supported on 13th gen?
  • Any others than hyperX I should avoid?

Appreciate the help!

Memory compatibility list is pretty accurate. XMP is not supported so double check that on the sticks you buy. Crucial makes some great sticks so I would go with that.


The list is still current due to the same DDR4-3200 modules being available. I highly suggest sticking with one of these modules, in particular the Crucial modules since those are usually what FW ships with their prebuild models and if you order RAM through them.

I highly suggest avoiding non JEDEC compliant modules such as Hyper X, Crucial Ballistic, etc. Not worth the tiny speed gain (or no speed gain) to trade off reliability.

No XMP memory support

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