Drivers Needed: Smartcard Reader WUDF

Hello everyone, emergency issue here. I bought the FW16 for business trips and I need it to be able to handle smart card readers etc… but it can’t! The USB port checks out with USB flash drives, and the card reader works on PCs running the exact same Windows 11 pro, but the framework does not even recognise or make noise with it. I need;

Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF) (USB\VID_0BDA&PID_0165&REV_6123)

For my Estonian E-Signatures. Please, give me a heads up! The entire reason I bought this machine is to do business on the go.

I’d look for drivers on the manufacturer’s website for your specific card reader. I had an issue with mine on my FW16. Windows installed a default driver and it didn’t work until I got the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.


I am not altogether certain who makes this, it was from the Estonian consulate lol

I’d suggest looking for anything on the device that might be a brand and searching for that. You could probably search the model number and that’ll likely bring something up. There’s also the possibility the consultate website might have it?

Here’s what mine looks like. I searched for SCR3310 drivers and I found them.

You can search the USB VID & PID you posted, which is 0BDA 0165, plus “windows driver”. A number of results come up for sites claiming to have drivers. Results suggest that 0BDA:0165 devices use a Realtek chip. Perhaps the RTS5169 Realtek chip. You could also try search “RTS5169” windows driver.