Dual boot on 2 separate ssds mac os & windows 11 possible?

Has anyone used their Framework 13 laptop for dual booting or virtualization.
What was described for the Framework 16 laptop is 2 ssd drive capacity. I’d like to boot Win 11 and mac OS on 2 different drives.
Is that possible?

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You should be able to dual boot, but not likely with Mac OS without a lot of work and a brittle solution. Windows and Linux for example likely would be fine.

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MacOS will not work. The last compatible generation of intel processors were 10th gen and there are no drivers for it.

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Like the others have said, I wouldn’t expect dual-boot to work, but MacOS can be virtualised very easily within Linux through projects like macOS-Simple-KVM.

I have used this in the past from my Linux system and it’s pretty much flawless. Depending on the specifics of how the GPU module (and motherboard) works in the 16, we maybe could be able to pass through the GPU directly to the MacOS VM.

OSX-KVM is another MacOS virtualisation solution that seems more maintained.

For mine, I installed the OS on the storage module instead of the nvme. That’s allowing me to swap OS’s physically, and then share a drive containing my work/git/etc. I have been meaning to try windows on it, but so far I have only done it with Ubuntu and Arch on two different modules.

@Hari_Nezumi Some virtual machine software allows you to assign a physical disk to store the VM on. So you could have MacOS install itself to that second drive but you wouldn’t be able to boot it outside of a VM.