Linux Keyboard Option

It doesn’t look like there a Linux keyboard option for the 13 like there is for the 16.

Is this coming soon™️?

Hi and welcome.

What do you mean by a Linux keyboard ? A supper key with a penguin ? :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of a Linux keyboard ? Where did you see that for the 16"

If it’s just a single key you can scratch and paint, or use a sticker.


AH! I found this post about the 16" but I still didn’t see it available when I ordered ??

Another UPDATE: Found the 16

So yes I can see there is no such option. Of course you could ask officially if you really want to see if it is being worked on.

Whereas, as below, this has been asked ~ many times ~ now there is one for the 16" maybe Framework are considering such.

Best ask them, but if it’s really important note the keys are painted with water based paints so there’s little doubt you could amend the key motif.

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This has been asked for from the community since before OG 13" / 11th Gen batch 1.

As I understand it, blame lies with MicroOligoth for requiring their logo on the super key for the OEM to get license key discounts.

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Are the keyboards not interchangeable between 13" and 16"?

Seems like a miss if not.

No, I believe that the connector is different.

Edit to add: it is indeed a shame that the keyboards are not interchangeable.


As noted they are not interchangeable. Which is why in the market you can buy either. Had they been drop in replacements, like the expansion cards, they wouldn’t have had to make a whole new set for the 16"