European Framework Laptop Order Shipment Tracking

Hello Framework Community,

For our recent European Framework Laptop order shipments we know the tracking numbers we provided in your shipping confirmation email have caused some confusion, and for that, we apologize.

Our fulfillment partner is currently using multiple couriers operating both internationally and domestically to deliver your Framework Laptop. You can enter any of the tracking numbers we’ve provided at to view status. There is a chance that the original courier will transfer the package to a last-mile courier for final delivery, and an alternate, courier-specific tracking number will be available via the HUB-EZ tracking page.

You can enter this new tracking number on the corresponding courier’s website for detailed delivery information, or you can simply continue to watch for updates on HUB-EZ as that site will also show status updates through final delivery.

Again, our sincere apologies for any confusion caused by this first batch of European shipments. We’re working to streamline the entire order tracking process with our development teams and hope to have a better solution in place soon. Thank you so much for your patience, and for your support of Framework. We hope that you love your new laptop!


Thanks for this information.

I ordered a DIY version on Saturday 3rd, to be sent to France.

Today (Monday), the order status is Shipped (exciting, the expectation I had was 1-2 weeks)
But when I enter tracking number on HUB-EZ, I get a NoRecord answer.
What do you recommend?

My bad, I missed a big orange Track Package button on my online order.
The link goes to AftersShip Track Your Parcel Delivery Status. Powered by AfterShip.

  • It’s planned for Sept 9th (wow, quicker than expected :star_struck:)
  • It’s going to be FedEx
  • Apparently starting from Taiwan

Overall very good news!!

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Hey @Matt_Laurenceau, I ordered my DIY 11th gen on sunday, and it arrived today (in the Netherlands). Assuming yours arrived as quickly as mine, congratulations and have fun!

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@fieldOfView great for you! How fun is the device?

According to AfterShip, packaged arrived in Paris 48h ago, then in local nearby FedEx warehouse 24h ago, was supposed to be delivered yesterday. But now scheduled for Monday :scream:

aww… One more weekend filled with anticipation for you.

It is surprisingly svelte, and everything is “just working” for me (even though I did a naughty by just putting the SSD of my late previous laptop in, without reinstalling Windows). Mostly uneventful.


Really excited for my September Batch 3 pre-order (12th gen)! Is there any news on when they will be shipped (I live in the Netherlands), is that usually at the end of the month?