Order Stuck at Taipei, Processed for Export Since 04/29/2022


How long does it usually take to ship a Framework Laptop to Germany?

Hab-ez lists my order as 2022-04-29 19:41:40 Taipei, Processed for Export. It hasn’t moved since.

Is there a way to find the reason for the delay, expediate shipping, get the carrier name (e.g. DHL) and their tracking no.?


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I’m experiencing the same. Mine is supposed to ship to the Netherlands, and is stuck on ‘2022-04-29 19:41:40 Processed for Export’.
It does say ‘InTransit(1)’ so I’m guessing it’s on a ship to Europe right now, but I’m really not sure.

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@Sky_Bird For me (Netherlands, Batch 8) the package was 4 days in Taipei. A day after it left Taipei it was delivered.

Tracking Info:

  1. http://tracking.linexsolutions.com, faster updates then Hub-ez
  2. https://www.hub-ez.com/Tracking/Tracking, should also state the delivery company if you expand the list. But this only happens in Singapore, so after Taipei. My example: "
    Singapore, Shipment handed to coloader - DHL Alternate Number XXXXXXXXXX"

I doubt it’s stuck in Taipei, but once it has left the factory and is in transit, it has to go through customs, loading to a suitable container etc. and then put on a flight. It can take a few days to arrange all that.

Saying that, you note, Processed for Export, which is a bit vague. Maybe they could not inform you of all the trivia and not raise your expectations.


Not quite a week and you may find it on your doorstep tomorrow.