Excellent Support Response time

Wanted to say that I just had an excellent support experience with Framework.

I sent an email yesterday (Tuesday) at 10:58pm asking if they could increase the number of USB-C & USB-A modules I had originally ordered, and also add a Micro-SD module.

I really didn’t expect an answer today (Wednesday) as they have a lot going on. 1-2 full business days is normally my expectation.

Well, today at 11:24am I received a very nice and detailed email from Jehan Suleman (Head of Customer Experience) that they had taken care of my request.

Bravo Framework, well done.


I’d like to also say they have great customer service!

I thought I had sent an email a week ago, turned out it was stuck in my outbox.

Resent an email and received a reply within 1 business day.

Great job Framework!


Hmm I sent one around 1pm yesterday asking about upgrading from the SN750 to the SN850 but never heard back. I’m sure they are very busy so I’m not expecting something back in 24hrs but it’s nice to see their still sending quick responses with the amount of emails I’m sure they have received.

Around 1? One day / week?

If it has been a while (3+ days) I would resend your email, things do get lost.

Or as @TheChonch discovered check to see if it actually was sent… Especially if you are using Outlook, as it has been a disaster lately from some of the updates.

1 day I meant around 1 pm yesterday

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Ok Holly crap shout-out to Lauren who just emailed me back at 11:30 pm my time letting me know my order was updated. Now that’s some serious customer service. I literally never expect to get a response back that late in the evening from a company. I hope your support service people get a raise for the hours their putting in. I’m in IT so I know how thankless working late hours can be.


I want to second the shout-out to @L_Mit for awesome customer support!

Last Sunday we got a note from the shipping company saying that they had dropped off the package and delivery was complete, with no sign of it on our doorstep. Lauren chased the issue down and discovered that the driver had incorrectly marked it as delivered, passing along the updated tracking number early Monday morning – and a few hours later I had the box in hand, ready to start assembly. Fantastic!