Support email responses?

Hey, received a defective unit on Monday with no responses from the framework support. starting to get concerned.

Well to be clear i got the automated response saying they would respond as soon as possible… but thats all so far

Try sending the message again. You might have accidentally canceled it.

hey @Joshua_Ham its went through because i did get the automated email from the framework system, i also sent a follow up reply that is going to the Support email address so far no acknowledgement from a framework support rep.

I have had nothing but quick service from them. But also remember they are a small company aggressively trying to hire, and their customers continues to grow everyday. They are simply getting a much higher volume of customer service requests.

Don’t worry they WILL get you sorted out!


Hi @2disbetter yup, i have had them respond back in like 5hrs once… but now im faced with a warranty issue… i want to give them the benefit of the doubt i know they are small team and what they are doing is GREAT… but it seem like their support system isn’t separating general inquiries vs warranty/returns correctly,

I have seen other support tickets like this: Contacted Support for Return last week with no response
where the owner ( Nirav @Framework ) got involved… and even stated there is a priority system and that guys request fell through the cracks… starting to wonder if that has happened to me.

Update i just got an email from framework asking me to attempt a few steps and report back. :fireworks: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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