Expansion Card Shims

Hey there!
I got myself a FW and I am loving it. I have noticed that the expansion cards are a bit recessed (maybe it is just me):

So I printed some shims to even things out:

It’s a simple thing, that could be done with some cardboard, but my FW deserves better! Here is the .stl Framework Laptop Expansion Card Shim by Ingegneus - Thingiverse. Change the thickness in your slicer, if the shim is too thick or slim for your expansion card


Thanks for sharing!

thanks! I’ve never noticed that, I just looked at my framework and it looks like the left side expansion cards are sitting flush while the right side is slightly recessed.

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All of mine are slightly recessed however if set them flush (which feels lovely) I’m able to pull some of them out without depressing the release button.

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Why did you curse me with this knowledge… Mine are slightly recessed as well.

I actually removed the shims because of this :confused: The next best thing might be to print them and customize the design so that they are flush.

sorrryyyyy :joy: