Expansion Cards Interface

Is the expansion card interface pure USB, or is it actually Thunderbolt, but with current devices using Thunderbolt’s USB compatibility?

Would love to run Haiku, find Thunderbolt Just Works compared to USB, particularly for future connectivity such as an Ethernet expansion card.

If it’s not Thunderbolt, then I really, really hope a second generation of mainboards will be switching to Thunderbolt in the future, it’s got far more scope for expansion cards than USB.

I also want to run an eGPU, as I currently use one with my Intel NUC to offload hardware video encoding for livestreaming, would be great to reuse with a laptop.

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We can’t state Thunderbolt compatibility until we complete certifications around it, but look out for updates on that.


I will assume that means it exists then, else it would be a no :wink: