Expansion Idea

Hello! I’ve never had a framework laptop but I’ve quietly supported you guys in spirit because of the innovation you guys have brought on a large successful scale.

Anywho, I understand how much of a challenge this could be but I had a thought about maybe a drawing tablet expansion? It would reach a new type of market which from what I understand is good because this laptop is jack of all trades. Don’t know where it would go, don’t know how large it would be (something you guys would have to talk about with artists), don’t know where you guys would put in the space for a pen holder, but that’s something you guys could definitely figure out.

It would be great for college students who also are artists/designers or even mathematicians who write down everything digitally but don’t want have the money to commit to iPads and a computer or fancy expensive screen-on drawing tablets. It would be so much more convenient compared to hauling around a regular standard drawing tablet like a Wacom alongside a laptop.

You would have to create entirely new software for it unless you collaborate with a tablet brand so understandable if this idea never comes around to fruition but just something to think about :slight_smile:

You could maybe have something that replaces the trackpad and spacers on the lower half of the 16" version. I don’t know if it’s too thin and narrow of a spot, though.