Surface pro/book style

I love what this company is doing but have an idea for a possible future product.

Im a huge fan of the Windows Surface products. Ive owned a Surface Pro 4 and a Surface Book. Ive been finding myself wanting the Surface studio laptop but disliking the removal of the SD card reader as i thought thay was the best feature, to expand storage without breaking the bank.

What i would love to see with the same ideas with the Framework laptops and would like to see a possible attempt at a surface style product with freedoms of working with the tablet/laptop. I know many artists who would love something like this if they could just upgrade their art tablet, and if framwwork could do something like this they can really get some love from artists.


Theoretically Framework or someone else could make an SD card expansion card, or if you’re just wanting expandable storage, you can grab MicroSDs with the existing expansion card or just buy a storage module.

As for tablet/laptop stuff, I wouldn’t put it past Framework to have a touchscreen version of the display at some point. That’s totally something that could be designed and easily swapped out for anyone wanting to upgrade.

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Indeed, especially since Framework have already said that the connector for the display already has the pins needed for touch included. It is literally ready to go, just as soon as a proper panel can be found. (My speculation of course!!!)


So, I had an idea, I have spoken on it before, but I hope this gets bigger recognition.

I would like to see a surface style Framework laptop. It would not be as hard if they design the base to having easy access to the internals if we keep the bezel easy to remove and screw in the screen and the backside to be removable with a stand so we can still remove the internals and easily place in them. The laptop will have to be thicker, but I think a repairable/upgradable tablet that is used for art, business, school, and everyday use as it would be a better alternative to the Windows Surface that is when its run it’s lifespan you have a device you cannot upgrade or repair.


I personally would prefer one with body type just like Surface Laptop Studio

I would like this too, my ideal format is something like the Huawei Matebook E series. I have been giving it a bit of though on how to produce something similar, but it is somehow harder than you guys make it look.

IMO the hardest part is the screen. Connecting a different screen with touch to the FrameWork 13" motherboard will require a different cable than the one FW provides. A custom cable will be somehow expensive. Doable, but not cost effective, at all. In this forum post there is a discussion on what it would take to connect a different screen.

Also, if you want a normal thickness on the tablet, the screen has to be above 13", you can not really use smaller like 10"-12" without making the tablet very thick, because you would have to put the battery over/under the motherboard, like the two already existing tablets using FW motherboards did.

But once a suitable screen and its cable is sourced, the most difficult part is done, since for the rest of electronics we can use FrameWork components. The only other part left will be to design the cover to house everything, first 3D printed in plastic for testing, but ideally with a final version in aluminium.

I do not own a FrameWork laptop yet, I want an AMD one. But once they are out, I will get one and use the motherboard to test a different screen and the full tablet eventually. If anyone else is interested, feel free to message.