External Monitors connected to USB-C hub not detected on left C port but is on right C port

Got a 12th gen framework with fresh install of win 11. I have two external monitors whose hdmi cords are plugged into a usb-c hub that then connects to my laptop.

The monitors aren’t detected if I plug into the left C-port on my laptop but they are if I plug into my right port. The other things that are connected to the hub are detected in either case (mouse, portable hard drive, and other things). Only the monitors don’t work on the left which they did for months with my previous windows 11 install.

I had a spare C-expansion card so I swapped the left port with the new C-card and still have the problem. Any ideas how I can get the left port to wrok?

If you’re still on a fresh install of windows and haven’t updated the drivers yet (either from Framework directly OR you can try from Intel directly) and that may solve the issue. You’re correct that it should function from either side unless something was damaged.

From a troubleshooting standpoint, you could also try to see if the left side works if only USB-C cards are installed or if there’s a different combination of cards that might work.