Monitor on USB C dock stopped working, 12th gen, Win11

I have my 12th Gen for several months now and it always worked fine with my ThinkPad USB-C Dock and the connected Monitor. However the externel monitor does not work anymore, it remains black.
Win11 display control settings allow to choose a secound screen but no change. Detecting externel monitors results with “no monitors detected”.
But the Windows device manager does find the connected Acer Monitor and does not indicate any problems.
Mouse, Keyboard and LAN still work thru the USB-C dock. Also the monitor works when i use it with my ThinkPad.
Tried left and right USB-C port, also several power cycles and connecting / disconnecting in different situations. No success.
Would be great to hear your ideas.

This usually happens to me when there is a windows update, hope that helps.

@Daniel-L thanks for the quick reply! What do you do to solve it? Uninstall the windows update?

@Thomas_Kleinefeld Literally just update it, that works for me, I don’t know if it will work for you.

Ok, that’s simple. Unfortunately didn’t solve it for me. There were no pending updates and also activly checking for updates there were no available. I’ll keep on trying …