F16 possible dead GPU

I’ve already contacted support and am waiting to hear back there, but I thought I’d share here and just see if anyone had experienced anything similar or was interested

I was playing some games on my F16 earlier and the screen suddenly went black, couldn’t do anything except hold the power button and attempt a reboot, but it was pretty non-responsive when I tried to turn it back on. The fingerprint reader light and fans turned on, but that’s it, no screen or keyboard backlight activity.

Everything boots and works as normal with the non-GPU expansion bay module installed, so everything else seems alright

The potentially dead GPU is a bummer, but I love that I have the option to just swap it out. Modularity has already paid off!

I’d say it’s more likely a loose connection on the display cable.

The integrated GPU in the processor would work if the DGPU died and you rebooted.

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It works when I swap out the dGPU entirely for the empty expansion bay shell though

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t revert to the iGPU when the dGPU is connected, but I’m fairly certain it isn’t the display cable

Not to mention that shouldn’t prevent the keyboard backlight from working

I missed that bit, does sound like the dgpu is causing this then. Like you say it’s strange that without the dgpu in the igpu works but with it in it doesn’t, might be causing a short somewhere.

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May be worth tring to get video out of the dGPU USBc port, would rule out it being the display<>gpu signals


Great idea, I always forget that port is back there

Unfortunately, no such luck with the rear-port either

Beyond the pcie interposer being buggered it does sound like the card itself. Only other thing you could really do is make sure the contacts are clean and properly secured, beyond that it’s down to official support channels ׃(

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That’s about the conclusion I had come to

I don’t think I’ve heard of one failing yet, so I figured I’d make sure to share it here

Thanks for all the help!