Fastener Screws

Hey, I have a problem with my bottom fastener screws. I want to replace them but don’t know how it’s done, especially the one on the bottom right with the small metal ring. I think I also bent it a bit. The reason is they are a little bit worn out.

if you can share some pictures, other can tell you if it’s possible or not :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure that i can get the screw’s loss and open it up but how do i remove them :slight_smile:

You need to pull that metal ring out first before you can get the captive screw out. There are some videos on Youtube which can assist you with that.


can you maybe link a video i cant find one :frowning:

Here’s an example of one: If you’d like to find some more, just search c-clip removal. Personally, I removed it by inserting one end of a small pair of tweezers and pulling it out. To reinsert it, just firmly press it in.

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