Metal Part on Mainboard

Hello, I recieved my FW13 two days ago and wanted to assemble it yesterday…
Unfortunately I discovered a little circlip like metal part laying on the Mainboard…

I have no Idea where it came from… looks like Display Hinges (?)
Maybe somebody can tell where this part belongs…

Thanks! Regards Marc

Hi @Marc_Rieger

This looks very much like one of the rings keeping the screws of the input cover “captive” i.e. avoiding that they can be completely removed and get lost.


Please open a support ticket and link this thread so that the team is aware.

Hello, Thanks @herodot, you were right…
It came from one of the Screws on the bottom cover…
Right one is attached:

Left one is missing:

I removed the speaker and tried to reconnect the clip back on the screw, but I had no success… For me it’s not a big Problem, the screw is captive even without the clip.

@TheTRUEAsian I’ll do that, Thanks!

Regards, Marc

Left one should not have that clip. Only the right one will have it so it looks like an extra one slipped in from the factory.

Oh, thats good to know, Thanks! So no need of attaching this one :slight_smile: