PSA: Check for stray screw retainer clips


tl;dr: There are little metal clips on two of the chassis screws that can fall off and float around inside your system. Make sure they’re still attached when you close up the laptop.

I opened up my DIY Edition for the second time yesterday to show my Dad how you’re able to replace all the components, and as I was getting ready to close up the computer, he pointed out what looked like a clip sticking up from the motherboard (pictured above after removing).

After removing it from the motherboard and inspecting the inside of the case we found it to be one of the screw retainer E-Clips used on the screws on the bottom of the chassis in the corners underneath the palm rest. Being as they’re metal it would obviously be VERY bad if one of these is bouncing around inside your computer. I ended up having to remove the clip entirely, as after reattaching it to the screw and then closing the computer it came off again (I could hear it moving around), and I had to open the computer again to take it out.

Also, I’m not curious as to why these are being used being as the screw missing the clip appears to still be held in some other way?

Also, I just wanted to say to the Framework team if any of them read this: the fact that this is the only hardware issue I’ve had so far with a first batch laptop from a brand new manufacturer is absolutely amazing. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks for reporting this! We’ll dig into how that got loose, as I agree it definitely would be bad for it to.


I had that happen to plastic clips, possibly incorrect installation from factory.

@uchua could you clarify which fastener the clip wasn’t staying attached on? Note that only the fastener in the lower right corner should have a clip, while the others are clip-less. Thanks for your help on this!

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@nrp when I found the clip it was was just sitting on the motherboard of the computer, and I saw an identical clip on the screw in the lower right corner of the chassis, so I figured it was supposed to be on the screw in the lower left corner. Should there have been two of these clips in the system?

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@uchua ahh, nope, there should be just one, on the lower right fastener, as that fastener lifts up the Input Cover when unscrewed to make it easier to remove. It sounds like an operator lost a clip in the machine during assembly… which is not great. Thanks for reporting it. We’ll follow up with our manufacturing partner who does that assembly.


I was investigating some speakers issues and found this clip magnetized to the speaker face. Where exactly is it meant to attach?

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