[Feature Request] Numpad using FN button

I’m very much used to using a numpad layer on my keyboard, and it would be a great addition if we could have some sort of numpad option while holding the function key on the keyboard. I’m assuming this should be possible in firmware.


This should be possible if/when Framework releases the EC firmware source:

In the meantime, I get this functionality by using an AutoHotkey script, which enables the numpad keys while holding CapsLock. If you’re on Windows, this code snippet can get you started:

~Capslock & Tab::return
~Capslock & j::sendinput, {blind}{numpad1}
~Capslock & k::sendinput, {blind}{numpad2}
~Capslock & l::sendinput, {blind}{numpad3}
~Capslock & u::sendinput, {blind}{numpad4}
~Capslock & i::sendinput, {blind}{numpad5}
~Capslock & o::sendinput, {blind}{numpad6}
~Capslock & 7::sendinput, {blind}{numpad7}
~Capslock & 8::sendinput, {blind}{numpad8}
~Capslock & 9::sendinput, {blind}{numpad9}
~Capslock & Space::sendinput, {blind}{numpad0}
~Capslock & p::sendinput, {blind}{numpadadd}
~Capslock & m::sendinput, {blind}{numpadsub}

(Note that this disables CapsLock functionality)


This is the biggest issue I have with my framework so far. I use alt codes for accents all the time, and the lack of instant access to one actively discourages me from using the laptop. (Honestly, the framework is the first time I have ever even considered buying a laptop for myself without a physical numpad built in, and I only did so because of how innovative it is.)

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@Reed_Bowman Have you tried changing the keyboard setting to English International? I have to use Spanish accents from time to time and, if I want a á, I just type ’ followed by a and, to create an ñ, I hold the right alt key and press n. I haven’t tried for other countries’ accents, but it works great for Spanish.

I used to use that, yes. My current solution is a much more capable version of that called WinCompose, which I just installed after banging my head against this for a while. It is very nice for a much wider range of things. I use fractions a lot, for instance, and this makes that even easier than with alt codes.

However, I also hate doing anything with numbers without a numpad, so having that built in and properly marked on the keyboard with a fn numlock available is still a very high priority.

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