Fedora, login screen changes sizes

On Fedora Linux, and my scaling is set to 125%…

The login screen that pops up when you boot up, or when you logout of a user…

Sometimes that screen shows itself in what, to me, looks like its scaled to 125% just like my desktop - and sometimes, when I log out of my user it displays larger - as if its set to the 100% setting.

I’m not SURE this is whats happening, but it SEEMS that way. I guess I could test more by changing my scaling to OFF or a higher setting and making the ‘issue’ happen.

Anyway, do you know of any easy fix for this - to have the login screen always show at a constant size/setting/look? It just a minor annoyance, that I don’t think helps the Frame at all… I’d like to get it displaying the same size constantly.

LOL - all these fun Saturday ‘I’ve owned my Frame for a week’ questions… yay.

. . . . . . . . .

ps; bear with me, i think they’re gonna keep on coming.