Fedora Silverblue: Wireless adapter not found after Windows Dual boot update

Update: Thanks to a generous user on /r/fedora, I found the fix; power down and wait about half an hour. Had I kept my Win11 install, disabling fastboot supposedly would’ve worked as well. For anyone dual booting with Win11, I’ll leave this post up just in case it stumps anyone else.

Hey all, I’m a bit stumped. I have been using silverblue for awhile now and dual booting Windows 11 from an external usb module with no big issues. Today I did an update on the windows side and now Fedora can’t find my wifi.

I’ve rolled back to an old version, competed systemctl upgrade, and nothing has worked. I downloaded the compatible driver, but of course can’t install it because it’s read only. Any idea what to do? Right now it’s only ethernet for me :frowning: