Feedback on Framework screen

Since receiving the Framework laptop, my opinion of the display has been very high. The colors appear accurate, the brightness is good, and by and large it’s become one of my favorite laptop displays to work on indoors.

Yesterday I took the laptop outdoors for the first time and used it under natural light. I must say, I was a little surprised at how much this change impacted the perceived quality of the display. The brightness is still helpful, the glare (known issue but largely imperceptible in most of my indoor scenarios) is very troublesome, but most alarmingly… the color accuracy was really bad (as in, it looked more like my Razer gaming laptop with highly saturated colors and quite a bit of blurriness on pixels).

Anyone else noticed this? Would one of the matte screen protectors help?

I had an issue where my screen looked blown out in sunlit conditions. If your using Windows, check here and this might fix it/make it look better?

Interesting, thanks for that tip. I’ll disable that setting and report back next time I get a chance to use it outdoors.

I don’t know. I don’t typically use a laptop out in direct sunlight. It usually just isn’t very comfortable squinting and trying to get work done. I’m not dismissing your feedback, but I would add that out of all the things the Framework team has knocked out of the park, it was just inevitable that they wouldn’t be able to cater to everything.

I just wanted to provide that perspective, without taking away from your concern or feedback here.

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+1 for a matte screen option.

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I’ve noticed that my framework screen is a lot more orange than other displays- is this true for you all? Ie compared to an XPS 13, I thought the framework had Night Light enabled.

Thank you, but it’s as if night light is enabled. I was wondering if anyone else noticed that their screen was more orange than that of others, ie. the XPS

Yes, they’re calibrated; a Macbook Air and an XPS 13; both are factory calibrated and visibly less orange than the framework’s.

Does any manufacturer make a matte version of a fully compatible screen?

I had an HP that came with a glossy screen. After it cracked, I ordered a replacement screen on Amazon from Screenarama. It came in either glossy or matte. I picked the matte version. It has been a great change.

Oh that makes sense; it seems fine now (evening, not comparing it to another screen). I don’t have a colorimeter/calibrator, so not sure about the CCT.
Do you have a recommendation for a cheap option?