[SOLVED] Screen issue

Today my screen started doing this weird thing where it kind of looks like the brightness keeps changing on me. It’s very distracting but also worrying. What’s going on here? I took a video of it and I hope it’s noticeable.

UPDATE: figured it out. adaptive contrast was turned on in the Intel graphics settings and I had sunlight coming through my windows onto my laptop :smiley: I turned that off and I’m much happier. I hate automatic settings. Wish this kind of stuff was turned off by default, but that’s Intel’s fault not Framework’s.


Good job on posting a video of the issue. You’re right that terrible settings shouldn’t be the default. Here’s another post that focused on the same issue, and I can recall at least one additional post that I can’t find off of a 10 second search.

(Just figured I’d link a relevant thread)