Fingerprint authentication unresponsive after wake from sleep (Ryzen 13, Fedora 40)

After updating to Fedora 40, I’m running into an issue where the fingerprint reader does not respond to login attempts after wake from sleep (i.e. closing the lid and reopening). Works fine in other situations, such as logging out and back in again or logging in after screen lock. I don’t recall having this issue before Fedora 40. This is on a Framework 13, Ryzen edition.

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I am having the same issue. (FW13 AMD, Fedora Silverblue)

I thought it started a couple days before the Fedora 40 release on Fedora 39, but cannot say for sure.

I’m also having this problem on the same system, AMD 13, Fedora 40. It doesn’t seem to happen immediately after going to sleep, but I’ll open my laptop and fingerprint unlock doesn’t work.

I noticed that running fprintd-list <my username> seems to get it working again after it’s stopped working.

I have experienced the same issue since doing a clean install with Fedora 40 but never experienced it with Fedora 39. Fingerprint reader work if suspended while lid open but seems to almost never work if lid was closed.