Fixing a squeaky keyboard?

I have a 13th gen Framework 13, DIY edition. So far it has been great, apart from the space bar on the keyboard squeaking whenever it is used. Has anyone else encountered this or have any tips for fixing it? I’m more than happy taking the laptop apart again to get at the components, but as the keyboard is a single unit I’m not sure what options I actually have there.

(The topic template urges me to report that I’m running Debian Bookworm on the laptop, but I suspect that’s not relevant to the squeak…)

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It’s common for a spacebar to be slightly noisier than the rest of the keys, simply because it has more mechanisms inside. But I haven’t heard one squeak. Unless the key itself is rubbing against the case, then it’s likely one of the metal bars or scissor mechanisms inside. I’d guess the faintest application of something like dry silicone lube (something dielectric) would quiet it right down. Unfortunately, with the keycaps not designed to be removeable, I’m not sure how you’d manage to apply anything.

Some have reported successfully removing the keycaps, but others report damaging the key mechanisms when pulling the keycaps off. And I suppose the spacebar would be the most difficult to remove as well.

Sorry, I know I said a lot without really saying anything. The keyboard can technically be removed. At that point, you may be able to get in with something to lubricate the mechanism of the spacebar. It’s a lot of screws and you have to be careful not to strip any. Make sure you have a screwdriver that fits the screws really well if you are going to attempt it.