Flashing Power button

I’ve been using my framework laptop pretty regularly and left it on the charger overnight. Now I’m unable to turn it on with the power button flashing again and again. Also when I open the hood, red lights on either side flash red. Any ideas on what I should do? @nrp

If you haven’t already, maybe consider writing Framework support.

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@Connor_Pitts flashing meaning you press the power button and it turns on briefly and then off again? or it is doing a fade on and off?

Flashing. Fade on and off. Turns on for 4ish seconds and then turns off. Repeats this regardless of me pressing anything. Lights underneath the keyboard are on as well. @Kieran_Levin

Stuck in sleep maybe? Try holding the power button for 15 seconds to force it off (current BIOS has a really long force off time).

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Huzzah! That worked! Thank you so much. Though that solution was so basic I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t try it. (I tried turning it off but only held it for like 12ish sec, so I guess it was to short to count).

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@Connor_Pitts we’re still trying to find the root cause of this issue. Could you share what OS you are on?

Sure! The most recent version of Ubuntu.

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@nrp Probably unrelated to this issue and it is not stated by OP whether their device is powered off or in sleep/suspend, but the Intel NUC had a bad problem for awhile with linux suspend to the point that if you used that function it would not turn back on and the only way to fix it if you didn’t do the workaround using a peripherial was to open up the computer and pull the cmos battery. Maybe there is a similar relationship here, sharing the old thread in case someone can test to see if the same workarounds apply. https://community.intel.com/t5/Intel-NUCs/NUC5i5RYH-Bricked-by-Ubuntu-Suspend-for-Fifth-Time/td-p/366581

Just had this happen to mine - first time anything has really been off since resetting the track IAD when first turning it on.

Any updates on what’s causing this? I’m on Ubuntu 21.04 kernel 5.11.0-41-generic, MATE 1.24.1