Force Wifi 6 - am I missing anything?

I just recieved my intel 13 framework 13 yesterday. Absolutely love it, but am running into one biggie of an issue: wifi.

My home network is set up with unifi, and the ap is wifi 6 compatible. I cannot figure out how to make this laptop connect using anything but wifi 4 protocol. On unifi, it shows as wifi 4, sometimes wifi 5. In windows network settings, it show as using Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n).

I updated the driver (direct from intel’s website this morning) and am at a loss what to do next. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

There are 2 things you could try. The first one is to go into device manager and check that wifi 6 is enabled on your wifi card. The next thing you should check is your ap settings to ensure that wifi 6 is actually enabled. Also, are you using Windows 11?

Not getting 5ghz at all is kind of strange, have you tried testing closer to the AP? Do other devices get 5ghz and Wifi 6 connections?

If not, in Unifi Network, under Settings > WiFi, click your network and make sure “advanced” is set to either auto or under “manual” that “WiFi Band” has both 2.4 and 5ghz selected. Then under Unifi Devices > [your ap] > Settings, make sure you have a channel width that is compatible with the Framework wifi radio and that you don’t have a congested channel selected. On that note, are you meshing, and do you have any older APs with that SSID that are not 5ghz capable that you’re roming to? (check the Topology tab in Unifi Network)