Forum Username change in the settings doesn't register

Hello Framework community! This is my first post, nice to meet you! :wave:
I’m brand new here and wanted to change my default username with the one that i use more frequently on the internet. But mainly i don’t like having my real name available.

I’ve read here that you can do that in the “preferences”>“account” settings, but typing and saving the new username doesn’t seems to register it. no special letters/symbols or spaces are used.
here is the username : Sluzhit

Maybe it could be that my account is less then 24hrs old?
If someone can confirm or help me with this that that would be great !

Have a great day!

After getting the “basic” or and the “editor” badges seems to have fix it,
i can’t really tell for sure what prevented it.

Looks like you got it sorted. Welcome to the community!

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Some functions are restricted on brand-new accounts. I’m guessing that might have been one of them.

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