crashes/stops intermitently?! [Magnets]

Man, I’m loving the Frame… but something is happening here. :confused: Hmmmmm…

I’m on Fedora - and it runs smooth and great. HOWEVER, like 1-2 times a day the system’s screen will just go black, and lights go off - when I press a key nothing happens, and I have to press the ON button which brings up the Fedora lock screen.

I thought maybe it was just a one-off, but I’m not seeing that its happening regularly. Any ideas?

Can I hunt for crash reports or logs that might help me find out whats happening? Has anyone else experienced this? - Surely this can’t be the norm and unfixable… and I could handle if I UNDERSTOOD some issue that its having because of Fedora 34, that might be fixed in 35 - but I can’t imagine that I’m the only one… while I do install a lot of packages, my setup isn’t THAT wild. I guess I do run TLP but have done-so for years on

Anyway on Fedora goes black, loses power and comes back to a Fedora lock screen. Why? How do we fix?

Can’t say I have the same problem with Fedora 34 Cinnamon. Granted I only got it on Sunday, but it’s been on fairly solid since then. I’ve been pushing it pretty hard downloading all the programs I need, setting up VM’s, etc, and haven’t had it crash yet. I’ve got the i5 model with 16 GB dual-channel Corsair memory and the 500 GB WD 750 SSD. I installed Fedora from the Cinimmon ISO using Fedora USB Writer. It was a little tweaky until I got the OS updated but otherwise, it’s been pretty smooth.

@RandomUser Holy crap! Why yes - yes I do have magnets neat the system to trigger the lid-close sensor!

I had no idea that I had those sensors - and I didn’t know my magnets were setting them off! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m a terrible little human and I use JUUL vape pens - so… thanks for solving this mystery for me. :stuck_out_tongue:
Tee hee.

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This is the best thing I’ve read today. :laughing: