(12th gen) suddenly stopped booting

Some days ago I finally received my After a couple of days using it (with a Fedora 36 system), the machine suddenly stopped booting out of nothing. The power buttons lights on, the status leds are lighting on, but the screen won’t show anything. Sometimes the logo is shown and stays, but nothing else. I can’t enter the bios or the boot menu.

I tried booting without expansion cards, removing the memory and resetting the mainbord. Nothing seemed to help.

The status leds are always blinking in this order: 1x white, 12x green, 1x orange, 3x green, 2x blue, 3x green. According to this knowledge article the hardware seems to be fine, but there could be something wrong with post code 3 and 4.

Any more ideas or hints?

You should contact support.


I would echo @Fraoch on this. Wise words of advice. This sounds like a ticket needs to happen here.


It was a broken ssd harddisk (the western digital sn850, WDS200T1X0E-00AFY0), which probably hadn’t yet the latest firmware. The disk wasn’t recognized by any system any more.

As guided by the framework team, I first removed all expansion card, the ram sticks and the ssd hard disk. After that, I made a mainboard hard reset and plugged in the ram sticks, the ssd hard disk and the expansion cards again. After reinserting the ssd hard disk, the system would work any more.

I now get a replacement disk from framework.


Appreciate the update, sounds like you’re getting a replacement. Is there anything else I can help with on the Fedora side of things?

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Yes, I’m getting a replacement. No, looks good right now. (I even managed to recompile the kernel to get hibernation with secure-boot enabled and full disk encryption with storing the key in tpm …).

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Fantastic! Should you wish to share your steps here, I can all but guarantee everyone here would be delighted! Either way, that’s great to hear. :slight_smile:

Check here: Fedora 36 & 37: Hibernation with enabled secure boot and full disk encryption (fde) decrypting over tpm2

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Yep, the above guide is an excellent starting point! I’d suggest this guide.

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