Frame WorkStation Desktop

This project is a Desktop Conversion enclosure for Framework Laptop

I wanted to be able to use my Framework laptop with an external GPU and rather than buying an expensive enclosure i decided to design and build my own.

This enclosure is designed to fit the Framework laptop mainboard, Audio Board, Wifi antenna, SFX PSU, GPU and an ADT-Link eGPU adapter.

All the printed parts are designed to mount to 4 300mm 2020 aluminum extrusions. The parts connect to the extrusions using M3 screws and M3 roll in spring loaded T Nuts

If you can find pre threaded aluminum extrusions the lid and feet can screw directly in. Otherwise you may need to tap the extrusions yourself. This is a pretty easy process. I used M6 taps and screws to hold the lid and feet on.

I’ve attached some pictures and a the step file for you to review.

I’ve uploaded the step files for the model as well so you can modify the frame to accept any screen you’d like.

I look forward to everyone’s feedback.



It really looks great!

For clarity: the PSU is for the GPU, right? The mainboard is still powered by USB?


Yep exactly. I was looking for ways to power the motherboard via the power supply. Maybe splicing a buck converter into one of the PSU leads


Very nice work!

I would absolutely try to use the PSU to power the mainboard. Cleaner, and my bet is the PSU has the headroom to do it without a sweat.


Do they make cigarette lighter sized USB-C chargers with enough juice to do a laptop? Those are already set for 12v. Hide that in there somewhere.

I recently purchased one from Amazon that has a 100 watt USB-C, a 30 Watt USB-C, and a USB-A connection QC3 18 watt.

Have not tried it with a high draw item yet.


@Edward_Gray Make sure your car can handle it. Blew a fuse in my Civic doing something like this

That’s one reason I haven’t tried it, in the past, that fuse had blown when using a tire pump for a long time.

Plus, I don’t usually compute and drive.

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