Is there a guide to the POST diagnostic lights?

I just received my framework laptop and it won’t boot. I don’t get any screen activity. I do see a series of blinking lights on the left side, a series of green and red blinks.

is there a guide to reading these blinks? I did try opening the laptop and reseating a few connectors and the RAM and the m.2.

I found this guide for the POST lights!

looks like my laptop is not passing " CPU deassert sleep S4" and " CPU reached S0 state"


@Rex_Roof I’d suggest contacting support based on the results of this thread with the same diagnostic code: Framework Not Booting - possibly a CPU issue


I had the same problem support was able to get me a replacement board

The lights can be decoded here: My Framework Laptop is not powering on

Edit - my bad, I see now that you had referred to that in your original post. Hang in there, things will get sorted out. I am very happy with my machine, hopefully you will be as well once you’ve gotten your issues sorted out.

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thanks all, I’ve contacted support.

I watched the LED on the side of the laptop just after it powered on. after the white blink, the 4th and the 10th blink were red.

support has ordered me a new laptop, but sadly that puts me at the end of the queue, so it’ll be months before I get a replacement.

Hi Rex, I think that may be an error in our “replacement laptop” emails. Whenever we send a replacement unit for a DOA, that goes at the front of our line. The generated email may say that it is in a later batch, which is an issue that we’re fixing.


that is great news. if I look in my account, the new order currently says it’s batch 4 and will ship in october.

my replacement laptop shipped! so I guess the messaging was just confused.