Framework 13 ethernet expansion card only works in bottom 2 ports AMD

for some reason my framework 13 ethernet expansion card no longer works in my top 2 ports it only works in bottom 2 ports. i cant find any reason as to why this would just suddenly stop working in the top 2 ports.

framework 13 AMD RYZEN 7

here’s a video on google drive so you can see where I’m coming from

the top ethernet is the one the framework is connected to in the video, in the top port of the laptop windows does not recognise it and the card doesn’t run at full speed indicted by the single light on the switch. when I move it to the second port of the framework windows picks up on the network adapter and shows in in device manager and the card runs at full sped

You may want to mention AMD in the title
Have you noted that all the ports do not have the same ability?

yes i understand that some ports are USB 4 and some are USB 3.2. but usb 3.2 is more than capable of handling the 2.5 Gb Ethernet card. i cant quite work out why it was working before