Framework 16 Benchmark List

Because there don’t seem to be a post listing the expected benchmark results for the Framework 16, I’m posting this to list my Framework 16’s performance.
A list of benchmark results would help to identify and performance issues and if a hardware replacement is needed.

I’m also posting this as a way to see if my performance numbers are similar to the numbers that other people are getting to see if my laptop is performing within spec.

Currently I have only tested Cinebench R23 Multi Core but will continue adding to this post.

Cinebench R23 Multi Core Plugged In Result (No Time Limit Single Run): 13915.780984 Points

My Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 9 7940HS
RAM: 96GB 5600Mhz (Crucial)
GPU: Radeon RX7700S

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After running the benchmark with HWiNFO, my computer is pinned at 100C throughout the entire period of the run.

It seems to be thermally limited and underperforming (There are posts about people with Ryzen 7 systems getting 14900 scores).

Does seem accurate, have you tried disabling cpu boost/limiting gpu clocks?

Ryzen 7 7840HS CBR23
Boost ON: ~14900
Boost OFF: ~13700
(GPU Clocks limited to around 500mhz)

Apparently the only way around that is to undervolt the 7940HS

The 7840HS is able to reach a score of 14900 so it seems kind of off that my Ryzen 9 7940HS is only reaching 13900 points. From the testing done by NoteBookCheck, it seems like the 7940HS in the Framework is able to reach around 16500 points. Of course I don’t know their testing methodology, but I would expect a performance score of about 15000-15500.

How would you disable CPU Boost?

GitHub - db55falcon/Boost_Manager: AMD version I use this program, basically right click PM Pro and run it as admin and install. then go into the PM Pro folder in where you extracted the files and run main.exe as admin. if it doesn’t work try it again a few times

What RAM are you using? I would be looking at the CL figures of the RAM, and if it isn’t CL40 then try getting some RAM that is CL40 to see if there is any real difference.

I’m using a kit of 96GB 5600Mhz RAM from Crucial. I don’t have any other DDR5 modules so I’m afraid I can’t test another lower CAS latency memory.

I don’t think the issue is my memory because it always gets pinned at 100C like 5 seconds into the run.