Some Benchmark Numbers for Anyone Interested

Not exactly the most rigorous or broad comparison (though I’d love to expand it) but this is what I have available. Just got done benchmarking the Framework vs my old laptop and current desktop.

Framework Specs: DIY edition i7-1165g7, 16gb of ram and 500gb sn850

Desktop Specs: i7-6700k, 16gb ram, GTX 1080, and a 500gb sn750

Lenovo Yoga 15 (2016 I think): i7-6500u, 16gb ram, and a 250gb ssd (I think Lenovo OEM, there’s no label for brand on it).

Multicore: Cinebench R23 Multicore
Single Core: Cinebench R23 Single Core
Unigine Heaven: 1080p Extreme Settings
Random Read: Crystal Disk Mark Q1 Random
Random Write: Crystal Disk Mark Q1 Random

Results are the percentage difference between the two being compared with the winner listed on the right. So for example, the Framework performs 97.49% better than the Lenovo in the Multicore test. I used the classic percent difference formula (|a-b|)/((a+b)/2) * 100

Desktop vs Lenovo is kind of pointless but I figured why not. I won’t lie though, Desktop vs Framework definitely has me a bit self conscious…

Anyways, if anyone wants to do these tests and send me their numbers I’d be happy to compile a larger set of data for comparison purposes. All of the benchmarks are freely available and relatively easy to use.


Hey Collin,

my build is quite similar to yours and I only got a 3668pts on Cinebench. Are you running Windows?
Im just wondering why you have such a big difference in scores…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I tested on Windows 10, my laptop was plugged in and I was running Cinebench R23 Multicore that I installed from the Windows Store. Assuming you have the same specs as me and were running under the same conditions as me we should have similar results. If this isn’t true then perhaps Framework support could help

@RandomUser @Collin_Kilmer I disabled the Updater and now got a score of 5527. So that must have been it. Thanks :slight_smile:


jakob_wankmueller Glad you got it worked out! I didn’t have to disable the updater, so I’m not sure why you did but at least it got you the results you expected

The recent blog post on performance led me to test my own framework.

My i5-1135g7 only came in at 3703 on Cinebench23. I am running Windows 11 and have 32gb of ram. My power cable was plugged in. The score should be over 5000 based on framework’s internal testing and from what many users have reported.

Could you go into further detail on what you did to boost your score? What is updater?

@KOI5715_01 I’m not sure, did you try disabling Windows updater when you ran the tests? Other than that I’m not sure, @jakob_wankmueller fixed their problem that way but that’s all I know as I never encountered this problem.

@KOI5715_01 I would love to help you but I do not really remember what exactly fixed it. I think it was a windows updater that was running in the background. I guess try to google for non-framework cases and see what others did to fix it. My guess is that its something that happens on other brands and devices aswell. I hope you will find a solution soon :slight_smile: