[Framework 16] Custom Touchscreen Input Module Design + Parts

I’m getting very ahead of myself because the Gamework hasn’t even started preorders yet, but I’m excited at the prospect of high-spec touch input modules. The ultimate dream would be a high refresh rate, high brightness, haptic feedback OLED touch screen that covers the entire input module bay, but that probably comes with the drawback of being high fantasy.

The latest tech I can find (LG) is nowhere near commercially available (despite apparently being demoed at CES just recently, I can’t find any validation on that), but there might be thin screens around the internet, which is what this thread is for documenting.

Our upper limit is 3.65mm according to the reference designs, but if we go that far, it has to sacrifice screen real estate to put the PCB alongside rather than underneath. If there’s a big enough screen to take up an entire slot this could just take up an extra Small along one side of it.

If you’re interested, feel free to post any touch OLED, LCD, or e-ink screens and their specs you find here so we can compare and design. Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with!