Framework Laptop 16 feedback and announcing Framework for Business

We’re extreme optimists by the nature of our mission, but the response to the Framework Laptop 16 pre-order launch last week was beyond anything we could have imagined. We expected to sell the first five batches over the course of a few months. Instead, we sold through them in 12 hours. The currently open pre-order batch will ship in Q1 2024, and we’re working with our suppliers to ensure we have the production capacity to avoid pre-order timing going deeper into 2024. AMD was also able to provide more game codes for Starfield™ Premium Edition to let us continue offering it for additional pre-orders that include a Radeon™ RX 7700S (while quantities last).

A couple of great write-ups and videos went live alongside the launch. First, Sean Hollister at The Verge shared his detailed thoughts from an exclusive hands-on with a pre-production Framework Laptop 16, stating “I am staggered that Framework 16 even exists”. AMD also prepared a video featuring Frank Azor, Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions & Marketing, explaining how we partnered to make it exist!

Check out Framework Laptop 16 at LTX Expo

If you’re interested in being one of the first people to try out a Framework Laptop 16, come visit our booth at LTX Expo in Vancouver on July 29th and 30th. Since the hardware we’ll have on hand is pre-production, it won’t have all of the functionality and refinement of the final product, but you’ll be able to check out the exciting new module systems. You can also go hands on with the latest **Intel **and AMD-powered Framework Laptop 13 configurations. If you come by with your Framework Laptop or a pre-order for an upcoming one, we’ll hand you some free limited edition merch. This is our first ever public in-person event, and we can’t wait to meet those of you who can make it!

Announcing Framework for Business

Since first announcing the Framework Laptop in early 2021, we’ve been amazed by the level of interest from IT managers. Just like for consumers, the ability to own hardware more deeply, upgrade and repair whenever needed, and reduce creation of e-waste are critical for companies. For the last couple of years, we’ve been running pilots with a number of small and mid-sized businesses as we build out our sales and support processes. We’re excited to take the next step on this with the launch of the Framework for Business portal. This is a landing page to learn more and connect with the Framework for Business team, and is the starting point for broader business-focused infrastructure.


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I buy equipment for my small team at work. What is FW’s definition of bulk?


My current FW16 preorder is my work PC. I was planning to let my work pay for it via a expense claim but our accountant is a little grumpy that as a US company, because I’m in the UK, the UK VAT is already included.

Is there any way to instead get billed to the US at US prices, but shipped (and supported) in the UK?


How big a customer would one need to be to work with Framework on sending a pre-built custom Linux laptop to each employee?

See the FAQ section of the Framework for Business page. They say they aren’t doing customized pre-builts, at least at this time.

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For the right quantity and price, what the page says is irrelevant.

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Unless you’re buying enough to pay Framework to do an entire dedicated batch with reworked production lines and processes, then whats on the page is almost certainly the truth. Even then, its likely they can’t change it easily. Whats on the page is all the info we have.


Of course, if a company wants to just throw a large amount of money at Framework to pay for the setup. Realistically, it’s unlikely.


My office has been working on getting set up with Framework for Business, which was a semi-hidden process until now. I assume accounts that have been confirmed set up with the old form will continue to work? (for us, there’s still internal work being done so a formal quote and PO haven’t been initiated yet on that account)

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So, how big a customer would one need to be to work with Framework on sending a pre-built custom Linux laptop to each employee?

As I said, you could reach out to support to ask, but what the page says is the only currently available information, and it’s a pretty clear “no”.

Pre-built configurations cannot be customized beyond selection of Expansion Cards as the laptops are manufactured and assembled in the noted pre-built configurations from the factory.

The answer is obviously not “there is no amount of money that would convince Framework to flash our image”

So, how big a customer would one need to be? Probably not even that big, honestly

At this point you’re just arguing the same point over and over, derailing the thread. If you want an answer, and are a business that can actually pay for that, reach out to Framework’s B2B team. Otherwise, its a moot point and you’re just derailing the thread, so I’ll ask you to stop.


If I was framework, the amount of money I would quote would go up dramatically for people who show they are particularly difficult personalities, difficult to work with.


I reeeeally hope this takes off. Somewhere else I commented that I think corporate/educational/government customers are what are truly powering the traditional disposable PC market, keeping the Framework-style PC in a bit of a niche. Chipping away at that is just what I think will really help shift the industry.

Congrats on the success! Keep it up!


On the contrary, I’m not even making an argument, aside from the transparently true position that money is capable of buying products and/or services.

Plenty of companies have > 1K or 10K employees; I suspect strongly that if one of them reached out to Framework looking to replace all their machines with Framework laptops running Linux, then it would be happy to play ball, despite any previous statement otherwise.

Yes, I read the faq. I want to get a feel for how big a business needs to be before Framework will trash-bin what it said, which seems pretty relevant to the thread title?

You edited your previous post so it sounds like you aren’t repeating yourself.

You mentioned reading the FAQ, but I suspect you didn’t look too closely.

Does Framework support Windows AutoPilot?
We understand Windows Autopilot is widely used among mid-sized and enterprise businesses. Framework does not support Windows Autopilot however we’re planning to introduce support soon, along with a wider selection of Prebuilt configurations with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed as we build our Framework for Business program.
If your business would like to run a proof of concept (POC) program with Framework Laptops, we recommend starting with a few DIY Edition Framework Laptops, and we highly recommend reaching out to our business team to discuss your requirements to achieve seamless laptop developments.

Autopilot integration is nice to see.
*if anyone’s wondering why I say that, A) it’s easy and B) it’s the second-to-last question on the form… oh and you can just register for AP yourself anyway after receiving the units. That’s also straightforward.

Static images are old hat anyway. OEMs charge extra for that, too, because it’s an extra workflow, and you end up updating the image periodically. Pain in the rear. And setting up a dynamic image server in FW’s own infrastructure is hard for all involved. Old method. Autopilot is popular for many reasons.

Only curious, we have too many brands already.

*Edit: Oh, the FAQ talks about Autopilot. But y’know, they’re gauging interest at least. So they may be open to the conversation. If you want it, ask in the form.

*another edit: forget it, drivers are discussed in FAQ. Oh, and you guys already use driver packs, cool.

If you are a big enough company, willing to pay enough money where you think Framework might consider an offer, then reach out to their business contact, through the form provided. Framework for Business

If you are not a business with an offer to make, then you will not get any answer.

Either way, Framework staff is not going to provide those numbers in this thread.


Since now there’s the Framework for Business it means that now it’s up to me to convince all my colleagues and management to switch to framework?

I’m in!